Saturday, November 26, 2011

Caller ID spoofing | Crazy Call

What is Caller ID spoofing:
      Caller Id spoofing is you going to make the change of calling Number.(from number)
that is the receiver gets his number(SHOKED)... 
      Hey this is one of the useful Tricks.You guys keep calling your friends by your number.My suggestion is why not you call Your friend''s number to your same friend's mobile, that to be world wide.
      Yah this is possible .so much of them are keep telling of caller ID spoofing, this method is one of the working method and one who want to cheat a friend or your relatives.
      For that you need to follow simple steps:

STEP 1: Open This Site CLICK HERE (this website provide this option)

STEP 2:The Page Having a form Like this.

STEP 3: In The first Text Box Enter your country .

STEP 4:In next field Enter the mobile Number Which is caller ID(The number that you want to appear on your friends phone when he receives the call).

STEP 5:In the next field enter the Number you want to call.

STEP 6:There is Another Option to Cheat your friend is you can change your voice by selecting voice types.

  •   Low Pitch
  •   Normal
  •   High Pitch
STEP 7:After that Click GET ME A CODE button.Then they Displays the code when You call that number enter the number which they gave as second number(Instructions Available On there itself)

STEP 8: You are done.!! the Caller Id Spoofing.! ...(* This is an International number, International rates apply.)

**The main thing is this call service is cost ...that number which they gave is International number so International cost will apply**

Even this service is cost you can make spoof the caller ID.
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