Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Hide Your Last Name On Facebook?

Hello all, Facebook unfortunately requires all users to include a first and last name for their profile. There is no requirement however on using your real names. But now facebook users can hide their middle name and last name/surname. Hiding last name, you can effectively hide your identity on Facebook. This only takes a few minutes to set up within your Facebook account settings. For Setting indonesia proxy you can hide the last name..

In this article I am going to share trick to hide last name on Facebook. Just Follow these steps to hide your last name on facebook.

Step 1: First Goto Browsers Option or setting. Here i am showing it in Firefox browser Goto Firefox --> Options --> Advanced --> Network --> Settings --> Connection Settings --> And choose manual proxy configuration.

Step 2: Now Trick begin, " Use This Proxy Servers For All Protocols ". like the above image..!

Http Proxy :
Port : 8080

Step 3: Put on No Proxy for Box.

Step 4: Now Goto Account Settings, Delete Middle Name and Last Name. Then Save!

Step 5: Congratulation !! You Did It, Now Your Last Name Is Gone.

That's it friends... Now you can hide your last name on facebook.//

Happy hacking... :)

Hello all in This Devil Hacker Blog we have seen lot of posts in Phishing, Keylogging and Session Hijacking. I think you have understand the basics of the all hacking methods.Still having doubts means just come with the basic Hacking.

In my previous post i explained about the " Basic of the keyloggers and their Functions(beginners guide) ". If you have any doubts in Keylogger then Visit that above link and come back here. Today i'll guide you to Make a FUD (Fully UnDetectable) Keylogger for Hacking Facebook,twitter and Any E-Mail accounts. Nowadays Keyloggers are the best options to hack someones online accounts or personal data.

Today i explain this hacking method with the new kelogger Called Project Neptune V 2.0. This is one of the keylogger which do's its work perfectly. And the main thing is its Undetectable by the Antiviruses. So lets Start.

Just Follow these steps to make  a kelogger server.These are provided for Educational purpose only.The content how you are going to use will takes responsibility by you not by me. So do it by your own Risk.Just understand how its working and Don't get Hacked.

Follow these simple steps to create the keylogger sever:

STEP 1: First Download the Project Neptune V 2.0 Keylogger From Here(Official Site).

STEP 2: After downloading the keylogger just open the application Project Neptune v 2.0 from the Rar. That will look like the below image.

STEP 3:  In that We need to Assign the information for receiving key logs. For FTP we need to pay for that. For Receiving via E-Mail its free. In the Keystrokes Menu. For sending Log time is depends upon your wish. Check all the boxes under that for best performances.

STEP 4: In that E-mail settings Enter your SMTP sending server( Leave it as it is if you are using GMail). Enter According Port Number and also enter email address and password to receive the key logs.(you can use the fake account here.) For receiving and sending you can use different acc details. After that Click test Email account info button to check your entered details.

STEP 5: After that Click second menu " Administrative" to view this .

In the Task manger Leave it the same thing, For website blocking Use websites which detects the viruses like antivirus websites to protect your server(Optional).for system setting use the same thing. You need pro version to make use that option.

STEP 6: After that Click the " Installation " menu. And leave the things remain same in that menu. You can change according to your wish.

STEP 7: After that Click the "Extra Option" menu.

You can Change the Icon of your server file. and Fake error message you can test it for the working. in that next part you can change the date to destroy your server for safe from the hackers. For receiving Screen shots you can set the your settings to receive.

The fake message will look like this.

STEP 8: In the Application setting menu leave all things remain same. Cilck the Server creation menu to view this.

In that server creation setting you can give the company info to make your slaves fool. You can set the custom icon too. for file Pumping you just change the different sizes to make the app real.. :P .

Don't Click other thing remain in that screen.Go to File Binder ( if you need).And Add any two files and make it single file ( this will improve the chances to click).

STEP 9: After Binding the files this is the time to create the server. Open the server creation menu to view this.

In that server generation You acn change the mutex value and uninstall password and server name. After that click Generate server. to get the Keylogger server and spread it out... :D 

Note: In the Uninstaller Click initiate Uninstaller to get the uninstaller this will help you to remove the keylogger server from installed PC.

Update: If its not FUD means i will post about the crypter . Using that you can make the Server FUD(fully Undetectable ) by the antiviruses .

That's it you successfully created the keylogger server to hack the any accounts online.If you having any doubt then post it in comments i will help you.

Happy Hacking... :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hello Friends, in my previous article we discussed on TABNABBING today i am going to explain you How To Hack Gmail Account Password using Tabnabbing method. Tabnabbing is a modern type of Phishing method used to hack websites passwords. As we all know normal Phishing attack is easily detectable on many site such as Facebook,Gmail, yahoo etc.

Like Facebook has implemented an extra code that validates the previous arriving URL and some basic functions. If it founds that page from which you arrived is a Facebook Phish or fake page, it displays a warning message to user that You have been arrived from fraudulent or fake page. So please change you Facebook account password immediately. So Victim easily came to know that was made fool by someone and he changes his account password again.

For more information about Tabnabbing and how to How to protect yourself from Tabnabbing click here

Hack Gmail Account Password Using Tabnabbing:

1. Download Gmail Tabnabbing from here to hack Gmail Account Password.


2. Extract the folder "Gmail Tabnabbing-fake page"

3. Now, to any anonymous web host (any u like), upload this all the files which are in Auto Tab Nabbing folder. You can use, or for this as they are free.

4. After successfull upload, Check whether the hack is working, click on the index.html link and open it , Now open few new tabs , After some time you will see google page switched to your fake gmail login (login.html) page.

5. To make url ( short read this article "How To Hide a Url | Change Url | Mask Url".

6. Now read this Article about How To Send Anonymous Email

7. Now, send index.html page to victim inbox of which u want to hack Gmail account password.

8. When, he/she will login with this Gmail phisher to his Gmail account, a new file "password.html" will be created which will contain gmail hacked password in plain text form and he will be redirected to page to avoid suspecion.

Thats it now you can hack Gmail account passwords using this Gmail hacking new technique Tabnabbing. If you have any problem in using this Gmail Tabnabbing/Phisher to hack Gmail account password, mention it in comments section.

Happy Hacking.. :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Keylogger Or Keystroker : Beginners Guide FAQ

In my previous post i written about RAT Beginners guide. Here i am going to post about the Kelogging Or Keyloggers Beginners Guide.So in this post i will cover all the concepts which in the keyloggers After reading this you dont need any guide to start keylogging again.

What is Keylogger?

A keylogger is a program that logs a keyboards keystrokes. It can be used for several purposes, both black hat and white hat. The most common use is black hat. A keylogger functions by grabbing a keystroke, triggered by when the slave presses a key on their keyboard, and saving it to a variable. This process is called "keyboard hooking". It then will take this long variable and send it via a SMTP or FTP server. You can then view these logs and use it for whatever your intention may be. Keyloggers have several different features that I will go into in a later section. The most basic ones only include keyboard hooking and a way to send the logs.

Terms You Should know in Keylogger:


Slang term for keylogger. See the "What is a keylogger" section.


Slang term for keyboard hooks. These are also explained in the "What is a keylogger section"


Section of code that is triggered when the slave types something on the keyboard.


Compilation of all the keystrokes over a period of time.


A web host that stores files that allows the user to connect and retrieve said files. Files in this case are logs.

A way that logs are sent via Simple email. Example, MSN, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.


Fully Un-Detected. This means that antiviruses will not detect your file as a virus. This will be further explained in the "What is crypting section".


Undetected. This means that some antiviruses will not detect your files as a virus, while others will.


A server is the output of your keylogger. I will take this in-depth in the"What is a server?" section.
A crypter crypts your file removing detections. I'll take this in-depth in the "What is crypting" section.
A detection is a term used when an antivirus detects, or thinks your file is a virus. You always want to have the least amount of detections possible to increase your success rate and to reduce errors.
Black hat
A black hat is someone who uses their knowledge of computers and security for malicious reasons.
White hat
A white hat is someone who uses their knowledge of computers and security for helpful reasons. They help disinfect and improve others security to combat black hat hackers.
Grey hat
A grey hat is a mixture between a black and white hat. They will infect innocent people and then help them get rid of it, for free or a price (the latter being more common).
When a file is backdoored it has a virus binded to it. This means that the file will act normally and the user will be infected without their knowledge. This has become extremely common in the keylogger section. Always be wary of new releases.

Keyloggers Common feature:

As I've said before, most keyloggers have two basic settings. Keyboard hooking and log sending (by FTP or SMTP). Most keylogger developers likes to include more settings to help ease the user experience. Below is a list of common settings you may find, and what they do:

Icon Changers

This will change your viruses icon without corrupting it like some third party programs can do.
MuteX is a unique string that you generate. It helps prevent multiple logs from being sent.
Add to Startup

This will add a registry (or other ways) that will cause your virus to start when the computer is turned on.
Antis are a feature that help keep your virus on the slaves computer for as long as possible. They disable or stop certain white hat programs such as antiviruses, sandboxie, and keyscramblers from running or removing your file.
Disable CMD/Taskmanager/Registry
This feature will change the registry value for each of these system tools to disable them.
Logging interval
This allows the user to chose how often logs are sent.
Fake Error Message
This will cause a fake error message to pop up, making it seem less suspicious.
File pumper
This will add to the size of your virus. This helps making it seem less suspicious as a game won't be a few 

Assembly Editing
This allows you to change things found in the properties menu when right clicking a file. This helps it seem more like a real file rather than a virus.
Encrypted user information
This encrtyps your information so that others cannot steal it by Decompiling your virus.
Test connection
This will test your credentials that you've entered to make sure they are correct.

How do i Use It?

Using a keylogger is a lot easier than it sounds. All you need to do is find one that you want to use, download it, and then choose your settings. Once you have entered all your information and chosen your settings, click the build button. The builder will create your server. This is what you give to people. Give them this file and when they run it they will be infected and you will start receiving logs. Pretty self explanitory. If you ever have a question contact the creator and they should be able to help you.

What is a Stub?

A stub is a separate binary that contains special code that is required for the keylogger to function. There are usually two things in a keylogger. The builder and the stub. Some keyloggers will have a stub built in. A builder takes the information and settings you've chosen and merges it with a stub. The stub contains keyhooks and the workings of each feature. These two merge to create your virus, containing all of the information. I'll cover this file in the next section.

What is Server?

A server is the output of your keylogging builder. It takes your user information (the builder) and the actual malicious code (the stub) and merges the two (via either Code DOM which I'll explain later in this section, or by file splitting, which I will also cover) to make one bad ass file. There are several ways that this is accomplished, and both ways have their ups and downs. The server is also what you distribute to infect people. It is your "virus"

CodeDom is a type of building that generates the code during run time. This allows the user to only have to download one file (just a builder). After inputting your information, the builder will take this and combine it with the malicious code (already inside the builder). This helps lower detection rates, but overall is harder to do, and is harder to reFUD (you have to re distribute the entire builder, instead of just providing another stub).

File splitting is the old school way to do things. It requires taking your information (the builder) and combining it with a separate file that contains the malicious code. While this makes it easier to detect, it's easier to update as you can simply give your users another file (same thing, just with less detections).

What is Crypting?

Crypting can be very complex, though it isn't necessary for you to know all of this information. So for this section I'll keep things to what you need to know. Crypting involves taking a stub (sometimes it's CodeDOM) and using that to FUD (or lower your detection rate) your file. The entire process can get a bit confusing, and I won't bother getting into it. What you do need to know is that crypting can easily corrupt your keylogging sever making it no longer work. A corrupt keylogger may not be detected (the crypter at least did it's job) but it will not send logs making it useless. Because of this you should chose your crypters carefully and it may take a while to find one that works (for free) with your keylogging server. If you are buying a crypter (which I recommend) then be sure to ask the seller to either test or verify your server. In short, crypting is used to lower detection rate, and raise execution rates. That's all you need to know.

Difference Between Keylogger and Stealer?

There is one major defining difference between a stealer and a keylogger. A stealers purposes is to steal passwords that have been saved in the browser/application. Ever logged into something and your browser prompted you to save the password? This is what stealers steal. They are good for massivley grabbing passwords and quickly. Once run they do not continue to steal until run again.

What is .Net Framework?

.Net Framework is a very in-depth concept from Microsoft. While you don't need to know (or should you really care) you should know that most keyloggers are written in Visual Basic .Net, giving it a dependence. Depending on who made it you may have to install a specific version (.Net 4.0). Most computers (99%) come with .Net 2.0 installed. Your output will also require a specific framework (depending on which one you use).

Can Victim detect it's presence once keylogger is installed in his/her computer?

Well it's really difficult for the victim to detect keylogger's presence as it runs in complete stealth mode, It hides it self from task manager, Startup etc

Can victim trace you back?

Once the keylogger is installed, I think it's almost impossible for the victim to trace you back

How can I protect my self from keylogger?

A simple keylogger can be detected by even a lame antivirus, but sometimes the attacker can use methods like Crypting,Binding,Hexing etc, that make it harder for the Antivirus to detect the keylogger. So to counter that you should use a piece of software called sandboxie,Sandboxie runs the choosen computer program in an Isolated space so if the file you receive is a keylogger, You need no to worry because it won't affect your other programs, Firefox users can use the free version of keyscrambler which encrypts each and every keystrokes you type, so even if a keylogger is installed in your computer, You need not to worry as the attacker will receive the encrypted keystroke

How do I find if a file is binded with a keylogger?

Keylogger can be binded with almost any file so how do you know if the file is binded?, You can use Bintext or Hex editor to find out, But Bintext and Hex editing method do not work effectively if the server is crypted so alternatively there is a great piece of software named "Resource hacker" that can tell you if the file is binded or not

i hope i explained the Most of the concepts in keylogger if any thing missing mention in comments i will explain soon.Hope this post helped you.

Happy Hacking.. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hi Today in this article, I am gonna post on Port forwarding, which is necessary for using different tools, Such as RATs (DarkComet) and uTorrent and so on.

For connecting to your remote victim, you should have your port forwarded. Thus, you have to setup port forwarding in order to hack computer remotely using RATs. In this article i am explaining How To Setup Port Forwarding Manually.

How To Setup Port Forwarding Manually

Please follow this guide on How To Port Forward Manually :

Step 1: Start off by going to: Start -> Run -> CMD -> And Type IPCONFIG

Step 2: Now Copy That "Standard Gateway | Default Gateway" IP And Type It Into Your Web browser & Log in.

Step 3: My username is Root - nothing. The router // modem accounts usually are these:

Admin -
Admin - Admin
Admin - Password
Admin - User
Admin - Root
Admin - Custom Password, Check underneath your router for it! ;)

Root - Admin
Root -
Root - Password
Root - Root
Root - Password
Root - Custom Password. Check underneath ;)

User - Root
User -
User - Admin
User - Password
User - User
User - Custom Pass.

And so on................................

Step 4: Once you're logged in, Go to the "port forwarding" or in this case, "Virtual Server"

Step 5: Now Add new Virtual Server or Modify Existing one With following Values,

Virtual Server: Enable / Disable.
Local IP: Found In IPConfig, As IP Adress.
Start Port: The Port You Want To Forward, Start Port.
End Port: The Port You Want To Forward, End Port.
Protocol: TCP & UDP or BOTH
Remark: The Name Of The Wished Forwarded Program.

Step 6: And When You've Saved The Settings, Go To And Type Your Port In There, And If It Says " Success ".

Then You've Succeded Your Port Forwarding.

If It Says, Error

You've Failed. Then I Advice You To Take A Look At And Look For Your Router Or Modem, Once You Find It They Have A Port Forward Tutorial There.

Or Try To Have The Application You Are Forwarding For Open, Like Cybergate Rats & Try Again!

So friends, this was all about how to setup port forwarding (Router & Modem) Manually. You can forward different ports just by entering them in step 5. If you have any problem in this tutorial to setup forwarding Manually, please mention it in comments.

Happy Hacking.. :)

Today i am going to discuss about RATS First Time. Soon I will post some more articles on RATs like ProRat, Turkojan, Spy-Net etc. But before posting such article i want to clear some basic problems of readers. Many peoples were able to get the trick of RATs and how to use RATs to hack email account. But, some readers were just not able to get out their problems.So i plan to do some Beginner guide for Clear View of RAT.

These will Help you to make a good RAT for hack Accounts Online.The Following things containing some discussion about RAT. Go through that part and learn some basic of the RAT and that working process.

What is RAT?

A RAT is also a shortcut called "Remote Administrator Tool". It is mostly used for malicious purposes, such as controlling PC’s, stealing victims data, deleting or editing some files. You can only infect someone by sending him file called Server and they need to click it(Run it).

How they works?

Some RATs can spread over P2P file sharing programs(uTorrent, Pirate Bay etc.), Messangers spams(MSN, Skype, AIM etc.).


Well you can find some type of RAT here,I will post some article on RATs soon.Also, you can buy FUD private version of RAT: Albertino RAT, Medusa Rat, jRAT etc. Also you will need DNS host for your RAT.

How do I control server?

Once installed, RAT server can be controlled via RAT client. From IP list box you choose PC and connect.

What do I need to setup RAT?

Well, you will need Windows OS,open port & RAT. To forward your port scroll for tutorial visit here.

How do I port forward?

Port forwarding is easy and important for RAT. Well, you need open port because RAT connects through open port and bypass firewall. Open your web browser and write your IP and connect to your rooter(write Username: Admin & Password: Admin), open port forward page and write port you want and your IP. Well that’s all you need to do and now you got open port. For Port forwarding visit here.

How do I make my server FUD?

If you want to make your server FUD(Fully UnDetectable) again, you will need crypter(you can find some free FUD crypters here.). Also, you can hex edit your server, but be careful some servers can crash after hex editing.

How do I remove server if I infect myself?

When you infect yourself, first what you going to do is to connect to your PC. Some RATs have function to uninstall servers, well you click that and you uninstall it. Well there is another way, download MalwareBytes’ Anti-Malware and scan whole computer for Trojan.

Is it Legal or illegal?

Well some RATs are legal, and some are not. Legal are the one without backdoor left, and they have abillity to close connection anytime. Illegal are used for hacking and they can steal data(Credit Cards, Passwords, private data etc.).


TeamViewer – Access any remote computer via Internet just like sitting in front of it – even through firewalls.

UltraVNC – Remote support software for on demand remote computer support. VNC.Specializing in Remote Computer Support, goto my pc, goto assist, Remote Maintenance

Ammyy Admin – Ammyy Admin is a highly reliable and very friendly tool for remote computer access. You can provide remote assistance, remote administration or remote

Mikogo – Mikogo is an Online Meeting, Web Conferencing & Remote Support tool where you can share your screen with 10 participants in real-time over the Web.

Illegal :

CyberGate Rat

Where and how do I spread?

There are few different ways to spread your server. You can spread on various websites, P2P file sharing websites(uTorrent, Pirate bay etc.), YouTube etc. Well some people use custom made Auto-Spreaders programs to spread their server. But best and most effective way to spread is when you FUD your server.

Whats DNS host?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical naming system for computers, services, or any resource connected to the Internet or a private network. It associates various information with domain names assigned to each of the participants. Most importantly, it translates domain names meaningful to humans into the numerical (binary) identifiers associated with networking equipment for the purpose of locating and addressing these devices worldwide.

What can RAT do?

Here is list of basic features:
  • Manage files
  • Control web browser(Change homepage, open site etc.)
  • Get system information(OS Version, AV name, Ram Memory, Computer name etc.)
  • Get passwords, credit card numbers or private data etc.
  • View and remote control desktop
  • Record camera & sound
  • Control mouse
  • Delete, rename, download, upload or move files

What’s reverse Connection?

A reverse connection is usually used to bypass firewall restrictions on open ports. The most common way a reverse connection is used is to bypass firewall and Router security restrictions.

Whats direct connection?

A direct-connect RAT is a simple setup where the client connects to a single or multiple servers directly. Stable servers are multi-threaded, allowing for multiple clients to be connected, along with increased reliability.

Can I get traced when I rat somebody?

Yes and no. Depends on victim, it is really hard to remove infection or even trace a hacker. There are tools like WireShark, but it’s really hard to trace, because PC usually got over 300 connections. So don’t worry.
So guys i think this beginner guide helps you lot about RAT.

Happy Hacking.. :)

Hello All i recently found lot of facebook hacking scams on internet. Which can hack your accounts, so i plan to tell you to not get hacked. Those are tries you to social engineer and make you to hacked so you must know these thongs for prevent from hacking.

As lot of peoples are wanted to hack someones facebook account that to be need some software that will do all things. they are actually need " Hack" button. But Actually we cant hack facebook using any Hack button software. Here i found three important scams.

1.Hack Facebook Account Password Using Facebook Account Hacker V 2.4 :

"This is the actually simple software which allow you to hack others facebook account password" this said by that hackers but Actually not. This below picture shows that screen which having Target FB Email and Hack Button. And also it asks your account email and password. In background your info are send to the hacker. So Dont trust those hacking tools.

2.Verify Your Account Information:

Recently i seen this app in facebook actually this is facebook application when you open this app In home page having two buttons that shows " Verify you acc info" if you click this means it ask you to enter your password and email in facebook itself. Or that app redirected to Fb Phishing page to hack your account.

3.Pay For Hack accounts:

Some of the blogs Providing services like "We will Hack accounts but you need to pay for that " like wise they Fooled people using simple Script . I personally recommend you dont pay anything for hacking services.  

These are the three important fb scams which you must know For prevention ..

Working things :

    Using Phishing,Keylogging,Session Hijacking,and etc will help you to hack facebook accounts dont fall in the scams internet has lot of scams day by day.

As we all know, Here we have discussed various hacking method to hack email account password. Today in this article, I am gonna to write article on Doxing which is most useful way to hack different types of email account password.

Doxing is the process of gaining information about someone or something by using sources on the Internet and using basic deduction skills. Its name is derived from “Documents” and in short it is the retrieval of “Documents” on a person or company..

What is doxing?

Doxing is basically finding out information about a person. The vast majority of people on the internet are anonymous and with anonymity comes power because you cannot hurt the physical person behind the username.

Doxing takes away this power, that is why people will go to extreme lengths to make sure they remain anonymous. However, the internet stores information from decades ago. Almost everyone can be found on the internet if you know what to look for.

Information that You Can Find Using Doxing People using internet usually left their information in some website and mostly in social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. Information that you can find using doxing technique are given below.

  • Activities
  • Birthday
  • Contact Information
  • Gender
  • IP – Address
  • Location
  • Name
  • Personal Information
  • Social Networking Site Profiles
  • Website and many more. . .

How To Do Doxing ? Using The Email Address Of Your Target

So, We have some basic very nice website to find the information about target.
=> Click on the Email
=> Provide Email address and then click on search.
=> It will show all the profiles which is made by this email id which u have given to of target

Websites Used For Doxing :- ( Recommended )
www.zabasearch.comUsing The Name Of Your Target

Here also We have some basic very nice website to find the information about target.

=> Click on the Name
=> Provide Name and then click on search.
=> It will show all the profiles which is made by this name/nickname which u have given to of target .
Here you can do doxing with the help of the address also.There are some sites which provides this type of services.If target has given any adress to the any social networking website then you can trace it by the help of the given below website.

Websites Used For Doxing :-

Do Doxing With The Help of googleGoogle is the very nice site and source to do the doxing.

Example :- Here i m Providing name – “ABC” and we will see that how one can mine the Google dork and can find the everything.

Inurl : This is a very nice dork to find the website directly from the Google.
Suppose i want to find the then i will give this type of query.

Intitle : This is also a nice query.if suppose on any page the world “ABC” is written in the title then i can find it directly by this query.

Intext : On any webpage of the world,if the name is written like “ABC” then i can find by this a simple query.

Now we will bind this all query to do doxing.

Example :

Suppose i want to find the person named “ABC” but only from this website Then i will make this query. & intitle:xyz or

Inurl:. & intext:xyz

This query will give me the all result of the web page of the website tech-ehacker which have this ABC name on any particular page.

Useful Tools for Doxing 

Maltego - Maltego is an open source intelligence and forensics application. It will offer you mining and gathering of information as well as the representation of this information in an easy to understand format.

Creepy - Creepy is an application that allows you to gather Geo location related information about users from social networking platforms and image hosting services. The information is presented in a map inside the application where all the retrieved data is shown accompanied with relevant information to provide context to the presentation.

How Doxing is Used for Hacking?

Hackers can gather information about the victim and create a dictionary file for a target person alone. Using that dictionary file, he can crack your passwords.Hacker can get the victim's security question answer using doxing.


Doxing needs Intelligence and searching ability. You have to guess where to search and what to search about person. Depending on searching ability, you will get what you required. Doxing is used mainly by Cyber Crime Experts and Hackers. Overall doxing is a powerful hacking technique.

So i hope this will help you to prevent from hacking..

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Download Hackers Black Book Free E-Book

Hi this is the post i give you the download for The Hackers Black Book for free. You may be aware of this before if no then just download this book to read and enjoy.

This is one of the book you can find out easily in  internet but the things is some sites ask for money .. here i'm giving this for free just enjoy.

                                                 DOWNLOAD HERE

Download Secret of Super Hacker E-Book Free

Hi this is another Hacking E-Book The Secret of Super Hacker. In My previous post i provided one hacking Ebook is Gray Hat Hacking And now i give you another hacking Book. The Secret of super hacker is recommended for the super hackers and this book is providing enough stuffs to go..

                                                               DOWNLOAD HERE

Hello today i'm writing this article of an ebook called the Gray Hat Hacking . this is one of the famous ebook which hackers using mostly so here am giving you the download link also the book contains good contents which are used nowadays and for the newbes this is the good one to guide you.

                                                CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Free Proxy List 25/03/2018 7848x

Hi, Everyone here I'm going to give you the free proxy list for free. Proxies are used to make the Anonymous on the internet and you can browse the web like Anything anonymous .. :D

Just Google it or see Wikipedia for Proxy meaning and Definition ... So here I'm giving you the Big proxy list Just enjoy.

For apply the Proxy Go to Browser Option and select Network And choose for Proxy and Set manual Proxy.... And Surf Anonymously ....

 Here is the proxy list Just Download it...

                       CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Hi every one today i will show you how to make a pen drive or USB drive to bootable that means using that you can install OS(operation System) With out CD's.This Feature is Almost Available But here i tell you clearly what you need to do.

Normally we people used to install OS using CD or DVD. We having CD and CD drive so we install easily, So now think if u dont have any CD or CD drive with your computer How can you install a OS. Yah for that we need to install it from USB flash drive.


  • UNETBOOTIN Software to make Bootable.
  • Any Linux OS Backup in System with .ISO file.
  • Probably a computer. :) 


  1. First You need a software called UNETBOOTIN Download Here.
  2. Open that Unetbootin Software and  you need to select the distribution and that Version manually.
  3. Or just Give the Your Linux Operating System File path ( .ISO).
  4. Select the Installation Type Select your USB Driveand Click OK to Start.
  5. After some Minutes That pendrive is become Bootable.So just Restart the computer and select booting option by F12 and Choose USB Drive.(Or Press F2 and Change the Bootable Priority)
You are Done.. :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hello Friends today i am going to explain you How To Hack Facebook Account Password using Tabnabbing method. Tabnabbing is a modern type of phishing method used to hack websites passwords. As we all know normal Phishing attack is easily detectable on many site such as Facebook,Gmail, yahoo etc.

Like Facebook has implemented an extra code that validates the previous arriving URL and some basic functions. If it founds that page from which you arrived is a Facebook Phish or fake page, it displays a warning message to user that You have been arrived from fraudulent or fake page. So please change you Facebook account password immediately. So Victim easily came to know that was made fool by someone and he changes his account password again.

For more information about Tabnabbing and how to How to protect yourself from Tabnabbing refer the Last post.

How to Hack Facebook Account Password Using Tabnabbing:

1. Free Download Facebook Phisher package to hack Facebook Password.


2. Extract the folder "Facebook_Tabnbbing_DHA"
It will contain four files :

a. Facebook.html (Fake Facebook login page)
b. login.php (Script which captures the login details of the victim
b. google.html (Standard google page used to trick the user)
c. tabnabb (Java script which is required for tabnabbing)

3. Now, to any anonymous webhost (any u like), upload this files Facebook.html ,Login.php and Google.html. You can use, or for this as they are free.

4. Now open tabnabb.js using a notepad , Search for "Enter your URL here" , Now replace it with your "Facebook.html" url which you uploaded in the previous step, finally save it and upload tabnabb.js to your hosting account.

5. After successfull upload, Check whether the hack is working, click on the google.html link and open it , Now open few new tabs , After some time you will see google page switched to your fake Facebook page.

6. To make url ( short read this Previous article "How To Hide a Url | Change Url | Mask Url".

7. Now read this Article about How To Send Anonymous Email.

8. Now, send google.html page to victim inbox of which u want to hack Facebook account password.

9. When, he will login with this facebook phisher to his facebook account, a new file "log.txt" will be created which will contain facebook hacked password in plain text form and he will be redirected to page to avoid suspecion.

Thats it now you can hack Facebook account passwords using this Facebook hacking new technique Tabnabbing. If you have any problem in using this Facebook Phisher to hack Facebook account password, mention it in comments..

Happy Hacking.. :)

Well, we have discussed a lot about Phishing to hack Email accounts. Phishing attack is one of the best methods used for hacking email passwords. Aza Raskin introduced new way of Phishing called Tabnabbing. I have introduced the topic in below article.


New Type of Phishing Attack :Tabnabbing is using the same phishing concepts which we were using previously. But, there are slight changes made to our conventional Phishing method.

Requirements for attack:

- The attacker must have a website.
- The attacker has to embed javascript file(necessary for phishing) in his website.
- Tabnabbing implements multi-tabbing advantage. So, user must browse with multiple tabs.

How Tabnabbing works???

  • The user visits the attacker site which looks normal at first.
  • The user switches from this attacker site tab and opens another site in new tab, leaving this attacker site tab open. Assume that user opens many tabs.
  • While the user browses another site, the attacker site which is left open in previous tab changes or redirects itself to a phishing page say Gmail login.
  • Now, when the user returns back to this tab, he may not remember exactly which site he had opened. He will now see fake Gmail login and will think that he has left this Gmail login tab open.So, now, without checking out url of the site, the user is most probable of logging in to his account.
  • Once he enters his login userid and password in our phisher, this information is sent to our inbox or any online account. Thus, his account hacked using this Tabnabbing.

How to protect yourself from Tabnabbing???

The most useful way to remain protected from such attacks is to reside on addons like Secure Login for logging in to any online account. So, when you return to attacker website(which has been redirected to phisher), the addon Secure Login will check for url and will show the message:

"No login data found for this page"

So, even if the attacker website has changed itself to phisher and the user has forgotten to check it's url, Secure Login will alert user that page is a phisher. Also, it is expected that various browsers will soon release a fix for this hack.

So friends, beware of this new phishing attack - Tabnabbing and protect your online accounts. Remember, Secure Login is the best solution to phishing attacks.

Enjoy Hacking...

How To Send Anonymous E-Mails - Fake Mailer

As we all know, Phishing is one of the most useful and simple methods for hacking email accounts. While phishing anyone's email account, you need to send the victim an email containing the link to your phisher page. The victim will click on this link only if he finds the mail genuine. So, we can use Fake mailer
to make this mail appear genuine.

How to send anonymous email:

In the below post, I have posted a Fake Mailer which is useful to send anonymous email to your victim.

Fake Mailer to send anonymous Email:

1. Go to Fake Mailer website to send anonymous email.

2. Now, enter the information as shown:

From Name: The Sender name which will appear on Email
From Email: The sender Email address
To: Victim email address
Subject: Subject of the Email
Content-type: Select text/html
Text: The content of your mail. Put something which will make your victim to click on your phisher link.

3. Now, enter captcha and hit on Send.

4. Your victim will receive mail like this:

So friends, I guess this Fake Mailer is pretty easy to use and also very handy to send anonymous email to your friend or victim.

Happy Hacking.. :)

How to hide a URL | Change URL | Mask URL Easily

Hi.. Today I am back with new topic "How to hide a url | Chnage URL | Mask url" .While sending mail, you have to include in mail, the link to your phisher page. So, instead of sending mail with actual url which can create a sense of doubt in victim's mind, we can hide the url. is an online service which enables you to
hide/mask the url.

Hide/Mask a url:

Consider you have hosted your phisher page and your phisher link is something like:

So, whenever victim checks out this link, he will find the link suspicious. This can be detrimental for our hack. So, the best way is to make this link less suspicious i.e. to hide/mask the url.

1. So, go to Here to hide a url. You can Also Use

2. Enter your phisher link in the textbox and hit on Next.

3. Enter the link you want to rename your phisher link to domain name.

4. Now, you can send this masked phisher link to your victim. The victim will now find our phisher link less suspicious as we have hidden the actual phisher link using .tk domain.

So friends, I hope you are now able to hide a url using this url masker service.If you have any problem in this tutorial just comment here.

Happy hacking.. :)