Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Hide Your Last Name On Facebook?

Hello all, Facebook unfortunately requires all users to include a first and last name for their profile. There is no requirement however on using your real names. But now facebook users can hide their middle name and last name/surname. Hiding last name, you can effectively hide your identity on Facebook. This only takes a few minutes to set up within your Facebook account settings. For Setting indonesia proxy you can hide the last name..

In this article I am going to share trick to hide last name on Facebook. Just Follow these steps to hide your last name on facebook.

Step 1: First Goto Browsers Option or setting. Here i am showing it in Firefox browser Goto Firefox --> Options --> Advanced --> Network --> Settings --> Connection Settings --> And choose manual proxy configuration.

Step 2: Now Trick begin, " Use This Proxy Servers For All Protocols ". like the above image..!

Http Proxy :
Port : 8080

Step 3: Put on No Proxy for Box.

Step 4: Now Goto Account Settings, Delete Middle Name and Last Name. Then Save!

Step 5: Congratulation !! You Did It, Now Your Last Name Is Gone.

That's it friends... Now you can hide your last name on facebook.//

Happy hacking... :)

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  1. There are a better and easier Solution how to hide your (full) Name on Facebook.
    Hide it with special unicode formats... ;)